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Step By Step Vet Physio Sarah Smith, plus Annemarie, with horses Bertie and Herbie



Welcome to our unique approach to your horse’s care:

“We strive to bring strength, adaptability and balance to the equine body; to ease his mind and allow an improved connection to the handler through comfort and choice not fear.”

Sarah Smith 2023

Step by Step programmes build equine strength and co-ordination, promote desired behaviours or effect change where needed.


  • Developed from scientific research in the fields of anatomy and physiology, biomechanics, neurology and psychology, ethology and learning theory.

  • Designed by a fully qualified (Masters degree) and insured veterinary physiotherapist and registered behaviourist. Find out more about us here.

  • Delivered through a range of manual therapies, electrotherapy, exercise prescription and training plans, following our Integrated Assessment.*

  • Demonstrated by the Step by Step horses Herbie and Bertie through in-person exercise and training sessions, shows, videos and student placements. 


* We ask for consent to treat your horse from your veterinary surgeon.

Step by Step Vet Physio Sarah Smith - hands demonstrating bodywork technique on a horse's shoulder
Step by Step Vet Physio Sarah Smith - hands deomnstrating a therapy technique on a horse's back


ALL horses should see an equine physio regularly as part of a team led by their vet and which includes a qualified saddler and farrier.


Ridden or driven horses are working athletes even if the level and intensity of the work means that the human partner is not!


Young stock can develop asymmetries or pick up field injuries and retired horses or those with arthritis can be kept comfortable with improved quality of life.


Horses that have moved locations, experienced trauma or show stereotypical behaviours can be helped to cope and settle.

An evidence based practice using science in a practical way to improve animal health and welfare, step by step and one client at a time.


The Integrated Assessment

At Step-by-Step Veterinary Physiotherapy, we consider the whole horse, including 

  • Conformation which is the bone structure he inherits.

  • Posture, governed by muscle shape and tone, including compensatory patterns. 

  • Movement in a straight line and on a circle.

  • Current environment, field companions, work level and intensity.

  • Behavioural challenges, in hand and ridden.

  • Past clinical and management histories including treatments by your vet for injury or disease.

Our new client form (NCF) is sent to you electronically and records your details and the horse’s history, client and vet consents, GDPR and our terms and conditions. Sign the NCF, press submit, then follow our links to make a secure deposit payment and book a date for us to meet you and your horse.

Step by Step Vet Physio Sarah Smith demonstrating a therapy technique on horse Bertie

Information for Vets

If you're a vet we work with, or you're interested in discovering more about our approach and working practices, visit the page we've created just for vets.

Services & Prices

Find out more about the equine physiotherapy services we offer to clients, our prices, and the package deals available.

Get In Touch

Interested in our services, or want to find out more about how we can help your horse? Give Sarah a call, drop us an email or fill in the contact form .

I can highly recommend Sarah Smith, she took my daughters pony from being so sore from the way she stood through lami back to a pony loving her job and jumping to the sky for her young rider. Sarah is kind, knowledgeable and is there for both parties in the partnership.

Laura Browne

Step by Step Vet Physio Sarah Smith wearing her graduation robe, alongside her horse Herbie


Hi I'm Sarah, and I'm the equine physio behind Step-by-Step Veterinary Physiotherapy.

Visit the About page to find out more about my equestrian background, what inspired me to train as a physiotherapist, and my qualifications and memberships.

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