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Why Physiotherapy

Why do horses need Physiotherapy? Discover more about our philosophy: For Sport, For Work, For Life.

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Integrated Assessment

The Integrated Assessment provides us with a "whole horse" picture, so we know how best to help your horse feel comfortable.

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What to Expect: After your Visit

Our service doesn't end when we leave your horse. Find out more about what goes on behind the scenes after your visit.

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Our Approach to Exercise

Getting exercise right is crucial for the health and comfort of your horse. Find out more about our exercise plans tailored to your horse.

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My Research

Find out more about my MSC project which involved the measurement of forefeet, laterality, gait and level of comfort over a pole exercise in a therapeutic setting.

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Information for Vets

This page has been designed to give more information for the vets that we work with, or those who are interested in our equine physiotherapy services and the expertise we offer.

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