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Step by Step Vet Physio Sarah Smith's horse Herbie trotting on the lunge

Recommended Suppliers

I am often asked by clients to recommend products and services to clients. There is enormous choice for our equine companions and sporting partners.  The big companies have huge marketing budgets, and a few make outlandish claims which are not backed by accepted scientific knowledge or research.   

The products and services featured here are used daily on my yard and/or in the practice and have stood the test of time proving to be value for money based on effectiveness, robust design and good science!

Product or Service of the month


I first met Imogen in 2020 taking photographs at Aylesford  Cross Country, I happened to be on my new horse Bertie and having a fairly "lively" afternoon. Imogen was really lovely and took  some fabulous shots which remain among my favourites. I was struck by her vivacious character, can do attitude and then by  her sheer skill at capturing the moment. She creates natural  beautiful shots and so she was the obvious choice for a shoot at home for the new web site. All the photos on the site are Imogen's.

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mobile: 07958101755 


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Education & Courses

Equine Behaviour Affiliation as a group, aim to improve equine well-being by creating a supportive learning community for those interested in equine psychology and behaviour. EBA offer a ground- breaking and thorough Applied Equine Psychology course which takes over a year to complete. The course work is thought provoking and detailed but achievable and the learning environment extremely supportive. Students learn trans-species systemic formulation® which extends a model for addressing human psychological issues to equines and their relationships with human carers and trainers. Although I am already a registered behaviourist - there has been much for me to learn and absorb into my practice as I go through the modules.

Highly recommend to any equine professional (coach, saddler, farrier, competition rider and livery yard owner as well as vets and physios). Also invaluable to the committed leisure owner rider as the course can be taken without the pressure of course work and examination, by arrangement.

Find out more about the courses here. Or if you want to find out more but feel that the course is not for you right now, you can become a Supporting Member for £25 pa, with face book page and discounted access to webinars, 


The scientists who set up EBA have been known to me personally for many years and so I can recommend without reservation.


Epiony Heat Pad / Catago Fir-Tech Pro

Heat - the cheapest and one of the most effective pain relievers we have at our disposal. I don't leave without both of these in my car boot to treat clients and they are both used regularly on my own 2 horses. 

For therapists, the larger Catago Fir-Tech Pro heat pad makes a good "base garment" over which I can place PEMF applicators, relaxes a tense horse and can be left in place, folding back as you work around the horse. As a tip the surcingle shipped with the Epiony heat pad is often used over the larger Fir-tech Pro because the supplied straps are less substantial than I would like, whilst the neoprene sleeve and Epiony heat pad are very useful for smaller areas such as around horses' necks or legs. A car charger can be purchased with the Epiony for an additional £10 a useful add on for the busy therapist. These products complement each other for professional use and I note that Epiony now have a larger pad available too! See below for substantial savings for clients buying their own kit.

Both products have proved to be hardy comfortable and accepted by all the horses I treat.

Client Benefit - Targeted use of the Epiony within your exercise plan and 15% purchase discounts available! Contact us for details.

Quarter Sheets

Slightly obsessed with warmth - my back warmers, see the Epiony Heat pad,  and solarium lights ensure that tack and horses are warmed up before we ride. This is essential for their comfort in the winter.


My favourite quarter sheet is the Back on Track product. I have had this for years and it still looks brand new, washes well and keeps the horses warm on winter hacks and on the lorry. The fixings are simple but effective and can be looped through stirrup leather retainers when travelling for quick removal when you arrive at a competition for example or attached safely under the saddle flaps as shown in the picture for riding out. The top surface remains shower resistant after many washes.

The Back on Track Quarter Sheet is available here.

Correct Connect Neck Strap

This next product is a game changer! For many years I have had a firm rule that ALL horses are ridden with a free neck strap for EVERY ride. I jokingly refer to my seatbelt or the "old lady" handle, but they have saved many a mishap when riding fresh or young horses and I have experimented with lengths and thicknesses and had them made to match dressage and jumping tack and fit nicely on longer and shorter necks.


I am aware that some disciplines require neck straps to be attached to the saddle and this product caught my eye - I now have 2 a full and extra-full. There are different lengths of strap and handle attachment which is detachable for a neater appearance or when confidence returns! They attach to the saddle D rings are beautifully made comfortable for the horse, help keep hands in a good position and absolutely keep you on board! 

The Correct Connect Neck Strap is available here.

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