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Out of (South) Africa, Friday - Lesedi

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

The village of light is a riot of colour and immersive experience - we played some African drums and then wound our way through different tribal villages....

We learned something of their way of life, tried the weaponry and ate caterpillars!

This Zulu warrior was the real deal!

There are around 10 native tribes with the Zulus being the biggest group. Each have their own rich social culture and language. Some were skilled horsemen particularly the mountain tribes people. They were herdsmen, prizing their cattle above all else as every part of the animal was used by the family. Typically 11 cows were required as a dowry gift!

There was much suffering during the Anglo-Boer wars, precipitated by the discovery of gold and a dislike of the British Empires influence on SA.


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